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Do TV ministers effect political views? The elderly show strong independence from the political views of TV evangelists, even though they are among the most faithful viewers and frequent financial contributors, says a Georgia researcher.

Mel Mobley, director of the Center of Religious Research at Emory Univerity in Atlanta, queried nearly 600 persons, including 136 over the age of 65, among Baptists and United Methodists in Savannah, Ga.

Both religious groups ranked TV evangelists as the last of seven factors influencing their vote. The elderly listened to, in order of importance, the candidate, spouse, friends, other politicians, children, pastor of their local congregation, and evangelists.

Another message from the survey: All age groups want their church to stay away from endorsing or financially supporting candidates. And only a third want the church to take stands on issues like ERA, abortion, poverty, and race.m

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