Shoppers like unit pricing, product labeling, but not specialty food and concession prices

Today's shoppers are paying more and more attention to unit pricing and product labeling, according to the latest Shopper Report of Consumer Network Inc.

Of those shoppers polled by the marketplace surveillance organization:

* 81 percent agreed there was a growing high level of interest in unit pricing; some learned that smaller packages (in size) are often priced to be more economical than larger so-called ''economical'' packages.

* 96 percent felt better control is needed on freshness dating; some said dates are often hard to find on packages (often covered by price tickets) and sometimes difficult to decipher because of codes.

* 94 percent said recommended daily allowances figures on packages are a waste; others said these figures can be helpful as dietary guidelines.

* 80 percent would like to see meat labeled ''never been frozen''; and a few felt the ''frozen fresh thawed'' labels at some fish counters were misleading.

* 88 percent objected to higher prices for foods processed with less salt, less sugar, and fewer additives.

* 96 percent were ''outraged'' at high prices for popcorn, soft drinks, and candy in movie-house concessions; paying high admission prices, many indicated, is bad enough.

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