One more option to rid mattress of damp odor

Q. Two mattresses stored in the cellar for six months now have a damp odor. A mattress company says that nothing can rectify the penetrating odor. Various homemade remedies including a vinegar sponging have failed to remove the smell. Now I'm thinking ''salad'' every time I retire. Any solutions? Or is this problem unsolvable? Rose L. Miller Pelham, N.Y.

A. Most anything is solvable if sufficient dedication, plenty of money, and intelligent effort are mustered; but please, no mustard after the vinegar.

With only partial respect for the mattress company's response, I'd try a commercial deodorant obtainable from a janitorial supply company. Follow labeled directions.

If the aforementioned contractant fails to alleviate the offending odor, seek professional help from a company listed in the Yellow Pages under ''deodorizing and disinfecting.''

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