The game of the name

The Russians chuckle,''What, me worry?'' Now that they've got Andropov, Yuri. The Chinese grin and say, ''Like wow!'' About their new premier called Zhao. For others it's a guessing game. Just who is who and what's his name In this so veddy veddy year For changes at the top, my dear! Japan, according to our Sony, Elected Mr. Nakasone. In Spain Gonzalez (Yeah, Felipe!) Set forth a Socialist recipe, While Germans took a rightward roll From Helmut Schmidt to Helmut Kohl. Italians pondered and at last They plucked Fanfani from the past. And so did Swedes, becoming calme' Beneath the shelt'ring Olof Palme. Mubarak gathered Egypt's realm; While taking Guatemala's helm Was Rios Montt, thanks to a coup, And no one wondered ''Garret who?'' Re Irishman FitzGerald's win, Since he had earlier been in, Unlike Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado, winner of his bid, As Mexico's new President; While still a happy resident Up north is one whose name's less fancy, Just say he's wed to Reagan, Nancy.

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