Inside Report (3)

Expect pressures for protectionist -legislation to mount in Congress.

And expect the new Congres to be sympathetic. Organized labor is preparing to push even harder in 1983 for measures to save US jobs - and companies - by putting new barriers in the way of imports produced at less cost and priced below American products. According to unions, Harley-Davidson, the last US manufacturer of motorcycles, is now threatened by imports; it may shut down unless legislative help is forthcoming. The Reagan administration opposed protectionism. However, prodded by high US unemployment, many of those elected in November pledged to go to work on Capitol Hill to take away what they see as unfair advantage of foreign manufacturers. If this can't be done with protectionist bills, the strategy will be to attack mounting trade problems by amendments to other legislation. . .

. . . as happened when ''buy American'' provisions were tacked onto federal highway jobs legislation.m

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