News for the Traveler (7)

In 1983 the QE2 will continue to offer transatlantic service, with departures scheduled from Boston, Philadelphia, and Florida, in addition to New York. Twenty-four crossings are scheduled in total. A free airfare program via British Airways will also be expanded to include travel between London and most major US cities.

Once in Europe, QE2 passengers spending three or more consecutive nights at a Cunard Hotel in London receive the first night free and a 50 percent discount on the fourth and subsequent nights. A 20 percent discount at Inter-Continental hotels on the continent is also given.

In addition, cruises and tours of Europe can be combined with QE2 crossings, or passengers can continue aboard the QE2 on one of her cruises within Europe.

For further information, contact the Cunard Line Ltd., 555 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017.

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