The technology revolution nobody noticed

The United States is going through a second Industrial Revolution, but hardly anyone seems to be noticing it, says Dr. Jack Felman of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J.

Dr. Felman, a physicist who is keeping a close watch on technological developments in industry, predicts that today's changes that are contributing to economic troubles and high unemployment will within 20 years result in a population shift from cities to the countryside, unisex factories with push-button controlled, robotized machinery requiring minimum manpower, and computers that replace piles of paper work and white-collar employees in offices.

Co-author with Dr. Gavin Lewis of City University of New York of a book, ''The Second Industrial Revolution,'' Dr. Felman warns against ''continuing indifference to technology-caused changes that will affect lives.'' He urges early attention to problems that could be ''disastrous'' if not planned for in advance.

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