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These capsule reviews of a few currently available releases are designed to help readers decide which records to buy. Inclusion does not indicate Monitor endorsement. Further reviews in the rock/pop category - as well as in other categories, such as classical and jazz - are published from time to time. ROCK/POP

Go Gos: "Vacation." SP70031. Last year's "Beauty and the Beat'' introduced the Go Gos, and at the same time made them perhaps the premier all-women's group. The album was clever, competent, and very listenable. That's why the second album's arrival was of so much interest. Could the authors of ''We Got the Beat,'' ''This Town,'' and ''Skidmarks on my Heart'' do it again? Or would they, like the rock group Boston a few years ago, disappoint with an album that rests on laurels. Unfortunately, ''Vacation'' does the latter. There's the same carefully stereotypical ''girl group'' lyrics and humorous obsession with the social dilemmas of young women. But whereas the first Go Gos album sounds as if they did a lot of listening to early rock 'n' roll for inspiration, this one sounds like they've only been listening to themselves. The songs sound so similar that it's tough to remember exactly which song is which. To be sure, there's some good sounds on ''Vacation,'' but far too few to make for an adequate follow-up LP.

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