News for the Traveler (2)

Scandinavian designs have become so popular with Americans that a series of travel-shopping packages will be offered to the design centers of Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen.

Organized by Tour Designs Inc., a Washington-based travel organization, these itineraries offer a chance to buy such things as Marimekko fabrics in Helsinki, woolen ski sweaters in Copenhagen, and hand-painted linen tapestries in Stockholm.

Participants will be able to visit factory outlets, major department stores, and specialty shops for bargains on selected goods.

Some of the special gifts from these countries include the Dalarna red and blue carved wooden horses, which range from tiny sculptures to free-standing floor models, Iittala crystal, hand-woven clothing, suede and leather goods, and ingenious kitchen gadgets.

For further information, contact the Finnair Shopping Tours Desk, 10 East 40 th St., New York, N.Y. 10016.

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