OAS leader welcomes subdued US policy on Latin America

Alejandro Orfila, the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), says tension between Honduras and Nicaragua has been reduced as a result of the recent diplomatic talks among leaders.

Some observers had feared war might break out between the two nations. According to press reports, the US Central Intelligence Agency has been working with the Honduran army to support anti-Nicaraguan guerrilla groups operating from bases in Honduras. But Mr. Orfila said he welcomed a recent change of tone in the Reagan administration away from confrontational rhetoric and toward a de-emphasis on the East-West factor in the administration's view of Latin American developments.

At a breakfast meeting with reporters, Orfila disagreed with press reports suggesting that President Reagan's visit to Central America on Dec. 4 will convey the impression that the US wants to strengthen conservative forces and to isolate and undermine the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

Orfila said the trip would convey that the Reagan administration cares about Latin America and that the trip's ultimate meaning would depend on the administration's actions afterward. Orfila said a recent visit by the Honduran foreign minister to Nicaragua had helped to ease tensions between the two Central American nations.

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