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Budding chefs can learn the fine points of a Gateau St. Honore during a week's course in England conducted on a Tudor estate belonging to Robert Carrier , the cooking expert and restaurateur.

The Carrier Seminar of Cooking is held in a converted coach house adjoining Carrier's Hintlesham Hall, a Tudor house set in 18 acres of parkland in Suffolk, about 70 miles from London.

Students can choose from seven five-day courses, scheduled weekly throughout the year, ranging from ''Culinary Techniques Workshop'' to ''Menus for Entertaining.'' The intensive one-week courses include three sessions daily: a lecture-demonstration of culinary techniques; a hands-on master-class cooking session; a cooking demonstration; and a light luncheon.

Each course costs (STR)220 (about $350), plus a materials fee of (STR)35, including five days' lessons, lunches, a kitChen buffet party at the start of the course, and a gala gourmet banquet every Thursday.

Accommodations can be arranged for students at a local hotel or with a host house in Hintlesham Village. For more information about the courses, contact the Carrier Seminar of Cooking, Hintlesham Hall, Hintlesham, Suffolk, England.

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