Homes I have had

Since I left my homeland, Vietnam, I have lived in many places like Malaysia, New Jersey, and California. However, I would like to go back to Vietnam because I have relatives there.

I feel tired of moving to many places because it takes a long time to get the things in our suitcases packed.

When I was five, we moved to Malaysia by ship. We had no water to drink and no food to eat in the middle of the ocean. On the boat everyone was worried. I sat by myself. My mother sat with my brother and my aunt.

After nine days and nine nights we came to Malaysia. We went to a camp for a week. They called us to get in the bus and drove us to Pulau Betong, an island in west Malaysia.

In Pulau Betong there was nothing to worry about. The weather is hot in the day, but it's very cold at night. We had to find our own house. The men went to the mountain to get wood to build houses. After they built the houses, we bought the house.

My father woke up early to get some water in the mountains where the rivers are.

We lived in Pulau Betong for 19 months. Then we came to the United States in a plane. We stopped in Singapore and Paris on our way to New York. During the flight we saw some cars from the air. My father said they were toys, but when we landed, they weren't.

Our sponsors drove us to New Jersey. We came to their house and lived with them for three months.

When the snow fell, I was surprised. I didn't know what snow was like. We made snowballs. It froze our hands. We threw them at each other. We laughed.

My father wanted to go to California because it was cold in New Jersey. We lived with our cousins in Los Angeles. The weather is good. I like it because it is a little like my homeland.

We moved to Chinatown to live for a little while with my aunt and uncle. Then we moved to our present home because we wanted to live alone.

However, my parents have decided to move. If they move again, I will have to carry things and pack my suitcase. I would cry.

I think they are going to move.

Here I go again! Anyway, I still remember all the places I have been to and lived in. Countries like Malaysia, states like New Jersey, and cities like Los Angeles.

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