What a nest egg hatches into at retirement

8% 11% m Total deposit Approximate Approximate at age 65 monthly monthly (at $2,000 Value at payment Value at payment Age per year) age 65* at age 65 age 65 at age 65 25 $80,000 $632,554 $5,099 $1,621,049 $16,327 35 60,000 266,845 2,151 518,769 5,225 45 40,000 104,323 841 157,354 1,584 55 20,000 32,097 258 38,853 391 65 10,000 12,838 103 14,147 142 Source: Manufacturers Honover Trust Company How to figure your net worth Assets m Money in checking account m Money in savings accounts m Certificates of deposit, other time deposits m Series E, other government bonds m Stocks or mutal fund certificates m Bond certificates m Cash value of life insurance m Equity in vested pension fund m Market value of automobiles, other motor vehicles m Market value of home and other real estate m Household furniture and appliances (keep room-by-room inventory separately for insurance) m Jewelry m Sports and musical equipment m Antiques and collections (keep separate inventory) m Clothing (particularly fur coats and other big-price-tag items) m Loans receivable m Cash value of any business you might have m Other assets mTOTAL ASSETS Liabilities m Mortgage on home or other real estate m Unpaid taxes m Notes (total unpaid, not current amount due) m Installment debts (see above) m Charge account debts (see above) m Other personal obligations (think hard) m TOTAL LIABILITIES Source: Manpower Education Institute, New York

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