Try out various cleaners on concrete pool decking

Q. The concrete decking around our condominium swimming pool is stained from suntan lotions and grime from pollution by airplanes. What will remove the stains short of paint or exterior carpet?

Richard Kipke Playa Del Rey, Calif.

A. There may be several ways to remove the unsightly stains. I'd experiment with each in a small area to determine which one results in maximum satisfaction.

Try a commercial shop and garage floor cleaner. Obviously, it is used on garage and service station slabs, where truly severe conditions exist. Most any janitorial supply company merchandises this kind of product.

Caution: Avoid contact with skin, clothing, or plants. Its caustic chemicals can cause burns. Used carefully, this floor cleaner can make easy cleaning work around the pool.

A solvent cleanser, though less effective, is safer to use if there be a problem of control in using the caustic product.

Another possible product is Sure Klean Asphalt & Tar Remover made by ProSoCo, PO Box 4040, Kansas City, Kan. 66104, telephone (913) 281-2700.

As a final finish to the dry clean concrete deck, apply a couple of coats of acrylic sealer equal to Tuff Stuff made by Sealwall Products Inc., Eastlake, Ohio, telephone (216) 951-3444. Stains on Tuff Stuff wipe or wash off easily. It dries to a clear finish and remains so. Apply with a low pressure spray, short napped roller, or brush. Follow labeled directions.

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