Tips from Monopoly masters

Monopoly, unlike chess, has no ritual opening gambits and traditional strategies. However, those who play it often say there are two distinct styles of play. Stephanie Hue, New Mexico state Monopoly champ, characterizes these as ''Prince's Attack'' and ''Pauper's Restraint.''

PRINCE'S ATTACK. This strategy involves spending all your money on expensive properties and hotels you can't really afford, and hoping your opponents land on your spaces before you land on theirs, or the bank gets you. This strategy was used in the real world by the American Invesco real estate development company. Remember, however, American Invesco went bankrupt.

PAUPER'S RESTRAINT. This strategy is favored by people who drive old cars and reuse paper napkins. It involves hoarding cash and simply waiting out your opponents. Successful, say some state champs, but not a lot of fun. Most players balance the two approaches.

Orange properties have the best return on the money. Utilities are considered bad investments.

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