To parents: listen

A lot of children living with self-employed parents who are struggling to make a living at home, writing, sewing, or who even have a bakery shop, don't really get to talk to their parents. A child has a lot of questions that they feel are important and that need an answer right away. If the parent says, ''Well, I'm too busy right now, talk to me later,'' or ''not now, I'm trying to make money so I can feed you,'' it just might hurt the child very much. It's one thing if he asks questions all the time, but if he feels his question is very important, listen to him.

It is better to listen to your child and answer him than it is always to say there is no time and lose the friendship of him. Children have feelings just like anybody - we also have ideas and suggestions that parents might like or maybe they won't, but parents should always listen to their children when the problem seems very important. You never know when your child has something that could really help you and he or she, or something that they saw in you that you could correct to be a better businessman.

Listen to your children. We have a lot of things to say that are important.

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