Around the world in eighty ways

Around the world in eighty ways, Some of these take eighty days. Traveling this long, this far out on a boat Is like sliding on a bar of soap. We came upon a horse and we rode it, of course. We traveled to Africa in a balloon and ran into a typhoon, and made friends with a baboon. We swam to Australia with a crocodile named Clyde, who took us for a ride. We brought a mule to Maine. We climbed upon a crazy kangaroo who took us to a barbeque. Because he also liked to dance we went to France. We took a racoon to Russia, He was a friend of the baboon. We went to Turkey on a turkey. We met a monkey and a donkey. We went to Spain on a plane and a train. We went to Greece with a flock of geese. Back home we go - the going is slow. The going is rough but we are tough.

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