Inside Report (5)

It might be termed the campaign grocery wagon.

In Pennsylvania, where Sen. John Heinz (R) is running against Cyril Wecht, it's a question of ads. Seems the H. J. Heinz Company, according to Wecht, has stepped up its food ad campaign to help the senator's prospects. Senator Heinz is part of the family. And ketchup runs thicker than water - or something like that. Heinz and the Heinz Company deny the charges. Meanwhile, in Indiana, congressional candidate Allen Maxwell has been asking voters to ''Put a Maxwell in the House.'' He reportedly has used empty coffee cans to collect money at fundraisers. The General Foods Company has perked with objections on the grounds that Maxwell's actions constitute trademark violations.

What do you think the chances are that Senator Heinz will endorse Texas Rep. J. J. Pickle?

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