Some painting tips for those fixing up used mobile homes

Q. My eight-year-old mobile home needs outside painting. What is the best brand of metal paint? What surface preparation should precede painting? Elizabeth Benskin Largo, Fla.

A. First, wash the coach exterior metal with something like Spic and Span and water, Grease Off, or any other popular detergent of those types. If the metal is not nicked, sanding may not be required to prepare the cleansed metal for painting.

Apply paint with a portable spray gun on a quiet, not windy, day. Use a top-quality synthetic enamel, solvent reduced. This method may be frowned upon in most mobile-home parks, so you may need permission from the manager.

Another satisfactory paint is a top-quality acrylic enamel, water reducible. Apply with a short-nap roller.

Some find it difficult to get over the mental hurdle of using an exterior latex-type enamel. If this be so, purchase a top-quality marine enamel. Brush or roll it on.

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