Beirut government puts massacre toll at 2,000

Lebanese government figures showed that authorities recovered 762 bodies from the Beirut massacre and that some 1,200 more were buried privately by relatives, raising the death toll to nearly 2,000.

An independent check on those figures cannot be made because the only outside group involved in the aftermath of the massacre, the Red Cross, dropped out of the search after less than a week.

As for the Israeli invasion as a whole: The Palestine Red Crescent Society, a Red Cross local branch, estimated there had been 27,000 total casualties from the war, including the refugee camp massacre. Those figures are disputed by the Lebanese government. A respected Beirut independent newspaper, al-Nahar, reported 17,825 killed and 30,203 wounded after taking a police and hospital survey. The Israeli military command said 368 Israeli soldiers lost their lives and 2,383 were wounded. The US State Department has issued no statement on any of the above figures.

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