Corporate support group for PBS

Corporate America is beginning to respond to President Reagan's call for private inititiatives to replace reduced governmental support for the arts, Monitor TV critic Arthur Unger writes.

Some of the Public Broadcasting System's major corporate underwriters are in the process of forming a support organization to encourage more corporate participation in PBS funding.

Lawrence Grossman, PBS President, said a recent meeting held in the Atlantic Richfield Company board room brought together such PBS underwriters as ARCO, Exxon, Mobil, AT&T, Gulf, Danskin, and Chubb in an effort to organize a means of helping PBS weather the current shrinkage in government funding. Mr. Grossman said the initiative came from the corporations themselves.

The corporations plan to set up an informal organization, tentatively called ''Corporate Support For Public Television,'' whose members will talk to other potential underwriters to convince them of the value of their participation in PBS funding. ''We'd like to be of assistance to make sure the PBS story is told, '' Mr. Grossman was informed by the group.

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