Stucco on a mobile home to cover aluminum siding

Q. My summer mobile home is covered with the usual aluminum siding. I would like to stucco it to get rid of the aluminum siding appearance.

Is it possible, and if so, how? Athalie L. Diekman Cheboygan, Mich.

A. Be cautious about stuccoing over the aluminum siding if your mobile home might be moved one day. Stucco is rigid. Moving a mobile home may induce stresses that could crack plaster.

Otherwise, yes, the siding could be stuccoed. I would consult a reputable plastering contractor for his on-site recommendations of method and cost.

Overall stucco could indeed eliminate the aluminum siding appearance.

In addition to plaster, investigate the possible application of a heavier-than-paint but thinner-than-plaster spray-on texture material, which might be less expensive.

Likely this textured process would conceal some siding effect, while leaving the visible pattern.

For texture coating companies, look under ''painting contractors'' in the phone book Yellow Pages.

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