Moscow accuses Israel, US

The Soviet Union charged that Israel ''staged a massacre of the civilian population'' in Beirut, and called for the dispatch of United Nations troops there, Monitor correspondent Ned Temko writes.

The Soviets, in an statement carried Sept. 19 by the official news agency Tass, added that the US must share the blame for the killings. The Americans are accused of having ''armed the aggressor'' in Beirut and of having then welched on pledges to protect civilians there.

Repeating a demand for Israel's prompt withdrawal from Lebanon, the Soviet statement mentioned no plans for unilateral action to secure such a pullout, but focused instead on the role of the United Nations in handling the crisis.

''The Security Council should fully use the powers entrusted to it by the UN Charter, including the use of UN troops to ensure protection for Beirut's civilian population and withdrawal of the aggressor's troops,'' the statement said.

It also suggested UN sanctions against Israel, ''if necessary,'' and added: ''A general question arises whether such a state as Israel, which systematically violates principles of the UN Charter, can remain a member of this organization.''

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