Removing faded 'flowers' without harming tub

Q. Five years ago when we moved into our present home, I put decorated flowers on the floor of our two bathtubs, one white, one gray. They were sold as a decorative way to prevent slipping.

Now, some flowers have peeled, and some are discolored. What can we use to remove the flowers without harming the tubs' surfaces? Mrs. S. Bickley Reichner Downingtown, Pa.

A. Are the tubs porcelain, steel, or fiber glass? That makes a difference in choosing a cleanser!

Most carefully remove the blighted flowers with a razor scraper. Avoid scratching the tub surface, especially if it's fiber glass.

Dissolve the old adhesive on porcelain and steel tubs with acetone. Use only a soft rag. To remove the old adhesive from fiber glass, try rubbing a little acetone over the spots, but don't rub too hard or use too much acetone. Acetone is otherwise a no-no on fiber glass, as are abrasive powdered cleansers. Promptly rinse with clear water.

For verification or an alternative method of removing the unwanted flowers, consult a veteran in a commercial janitorial supply house.

For recommended care and cleaning of fiber glass showers and tubs see the following question.

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