Practical considerations determine whether to pour concrete overlay

We have a small area of sidewalk at the front of our home that has a couple of cracks. These have been filled in, but the patches are very pronounced. Is it possible to pour an overlayment of concrete on the sidewalk? The cost of removing the old walk and pouring a new one is $500.

Ruth Bewersdorf Cincinnati

Q. A regular concrete overlay atop the cracked sidewalk would need to be 3 or 4 inches thick. That additional elevation might not be practical. A 1 or 2 inch regular concrete overlay is apt itself to crack, so I'd not do it.

A. Hartline's product Compat is the Mrs. Wiggs of the concrete patch. This trowled-on product may just be the ticket as a thin overlay on the old sidewalk. Follow labeled directions. The company is located at 2186 Noble Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44112. Telephone: (216) 451-6573.

Two other companies making thin concrete overlays are:

1. Sealwall Products Inc. 36300 Lakeland Boulevard Eastlake, Ohio 44904 (213) 951-3445

2. Okun Company 46 Sansondale Avenue West Haverstraw, N.Y. 10993 (914) 947-1505

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