News for the Traveler (2)

Those who love ships will be happy to hear that two other vessels that served in the Falklands will soon be ready for service. The P&O Line's Canberra and the Uganda of BI Discovery Cruises (a subsidiary of P&O) are both now in Southampton being restored to cruise standards. Neither ship suffered structural damage; the principal task is to repair decks which had been fitted with helicopter landing pads.

During the three months the Canberra was attached to the Falklands troops, she endured repeated air attack. She brought the initial troops, served as a hospital ship, repatriated Argentine prisoners of war, then brought British troops back home.

The Canberra starts her return to civilian life on Sept. 11 with a cruise to the Mediterranean, including stops in Gibraltar and Corfu.

On Sept. 25 the Uganda, which served as a hospital ship in the Falklands, will head off for Seville, Florence, Pisa, and Carthage.

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