Kissinger Inc.

Is it too much to say that Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington are the two best-known former diplomats in the English-speaking world? Surely their advice is worth something. But how much? Mr. Kissinger says that the reported figure of a quarter of a million dollars is ''too high'' for the ''blue-chip service'' of his new consulting firm, Kissinger Associates Inc.

Not much too high, a client might calculate. Look at those associates! Lord Carrington, who won so many credibility points for resigning rather than temporizing over who was responsible for Argentina's seizure of the Falklands. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, who became national security adviser without making waves when Mr. Kissinger left that post to become secretary of state. And more.

Helping corporate executives make strategic international decisions at the highest level - this is Kissinger Associates' humble goal. To think that America used to get Kissinger advice practically free.

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