Seaside palace will be Arafat's Tunisian home

A seaside palace surrounded by ornamental gardens and palm trees is being prepared as Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's new home.

Some 1,100 of his guerrillas are due to arrive in Tunisia Saturday. Mr. Arafat is not due here until an unspecified later date. The home being prepared for him - the Assaada Palace about 15 miles north of Tunis - is where Queen Elizabeth of Britain stayed during her visit in 1980.

Meanwhile, reports from Beirut say Palestinian leaders are drawing up plans to intensify their political and military struggle against the Jewish state, even as their evacuation takes place. According to informed sources, their three immediate objectives are: regrouping in Syria, stepping up guerrilla attacks and civil disobedience in the Israeli-occupied territories, and gaining greater support from Arab countries.

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