Repairs for ceramic tile that has fallen off

Q. Some of the ceramic tiles on the walls of our kitchen and bath have fallen off. The air here in Colorado is very dry and the tile cement dries out quickly. Is there a type of tile cement that will last better? Harold W. Johnson Woody Creek, Colo.

A. Good thing there are organizations around the nation which have field experts willing to counsel about their materials. One such group is the Tile Council of America, PO Box 326, Princeton, N.J. 08540; (609) 921-7050.

The council says that single tiles can be replaced by using 4 or 5 dabs of silicon rubber bathtub sealant on the backs of the tile. If more than 1 or 2 tiles are involved, buy a quart can of Type I organic adhesive for ceramic tile.

Any ceramic-tile distributor stocks these materials.

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