Stance check is quicker than telling

Consider this question:

What situation do you want yourself and your club to be in at impact?

Surely your weight will be shifting onto the left foot. Your left hip will be ''out'' and beginning to turn to the left. Your left shoulder will be up and consequently the right shoulder down. Your left wrist will be firm and in line with the forearm. The clubshaft will be tilted slightly backward. The clubface will be coming square, i.e. at right angles to your line of aim, and the clubhead will be coming through from very slightly ''inside'' that line on a path that's very slightly downward.

It takes far less time to simulate this position than it does to spell it out. And I urge my readers to try it out and see for themselves.

Is it not easy to check that everything - but everything - is just where you want it to be at impact?

That being so, why not rehearse the impact situation every time before you make a shot? Why not fix it in your mind's eye?

One doesn't need to take any time over it. One can keep in motion. The ''fix'' can even be done instead of what is called a forward press. But provided it IS done the reader will find much more consistency appearing in his or her game.

For instance, if one has just rehearsed the right shoulder coming ''under'' and the head staying back it becomes much more difficult to swing ''round'' on the forward swing and/or to lift one's head.

After a little practice the ''impact fix'' becomes an almost instantaneous operation. ''The computer'' checks everything for you at a glance.

So I urge you to practice it, with or without a ball but preferably with, again and again until it becomes a natural part of your address routine.

Let it be as natural as breathing.

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