News for the Traveler (1)

Ocean Contact of Newfoundland, Canada, will be sponsoring a series of whale watching/natural history expeditions through August and early September. The spectacular bays in eastern Newfoundland are the feeding grounds for humpback, finback, minke, pilot whales and many varieties of dolphins.

Days will be spent in the magnificent fjords and bays among the whales. Side trips will include visits to spectacular bird sancturies and abandoned villages. Hike through the unspoiled Newfoundland country side and enjoy the profusion of wildflowers and fragrant grasses.

Headquarters for all expeditions will be at the Village Inn in historic Trinity, a small village situated on Trinity Bay. Meals are home cooked and feature a variety of fresh fish and native specialities.

Each expedition is limited to 12 persons. All trips have qualified guides to answer questions concerning marine mammals, birds, and plant life of the region.

For more information, write Ocean Contact, 72 New Cove Road, St. John's, Newfoundland, A1A 2C3, Canada.

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