The Juilliard School

''The world's most exclusive trade school,'' is the way some musicians refer to the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City's Lincoln Center. CBS News has taken a closer look at this glamorous institution in a lovely, yet bitingly incisive, documentary: ''Juilliard and Beyond: A Life in Music'' (Saturday, 10- 11 p.m.).

Producer-director Shareen Blair Brysac, in a finely honed film with at least a two-octave range, has managed to play the beautiful notes truthfully, yet counterpoint them with seemingly accurate, unpleasant accusations. Some students make it clear that they feel there is too much emphasis on technique and competition within the school, not enough preparation of the students for the real world - where they tend to end up as music teachers rather than concert artists.

Written by Miss Brysac and executive producer Perry Wolff, ''Juilliard'' is a fine reminder that it takes Churchillian ''blood, toil, tears, and sweat'' before an artist can succeed in ''making a glad sound.'' The documentary itself, however, makes its own glad sounds.

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