Mint can be marvelous

If you want an easy-to-grow herb that will spread through the garden or field , under a stone walkway, or over the meadows and through the woods, try mint.

It will spread wildly, so you must contain it one way or another. Some people want only a clump or two of spearmint or peppermint, but there are several interesting ones that can add a pleasant variety to your menus such as pineapple mint and orange mint.

When using fresh mint, pick only the larger leaves or pinch off the clean, juicy, terminal leaf clusters about 6 leaves at the top of the stems. This will encourage the lateral growth. For salads, use only the leaves, but stem and all can go in beverages.

Here is a frozen concentrate you can make yourself for summer beverages. To each pint of boiling water add about 2 cups of roughly chopped mint leaves and stems, return water to boil, remove from heat, cover, and let cool about 1 hour.

Strain into ice cube trays, freeze, break out of the cubes, and store in plastic bags in freezer.

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