In short (2)

Every day we see further reason for adoption of a flat-rate income tax. Take the case of Roxanne Conlin. She may have jeopardized her chances to become governor of Iowa because of her disclosure that, despite a net worth of over $2 million, she and her husband paid no state income taxes for 1981 and less than $ 3,000 in federal taxes that year. It seems the Conlins used those perfectly legal tax shelters to escape taxation, though publicly Mrs. Conlin has critized such shelters.

The Democratic candidate is no different from thousands of other citizens who believe tax loopholes should be eliminated but who shrewdly take advantage of them as long as the law permits them. But the whole matter would not have arisen if the law disallowed any deductions at all and taxed everyone at the same rate.

Future political aspirants, take note.

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