How to find a suitable grip

Last time out we were feeling the weight of the clubhead and establishing clubhead lag. In doing this you may already have hit on a suitable grip. If you aren't sure I would ask you to experiment with different grips - overlapping, interlocking, or baseball grip - to see which best helps you feel the weight of the club-head.

Use that type of grip.

Now pay attention to the palms of the hands, or if you like it better, the backs of the hands. Take the left hand first. Which feels best, the left hand square (at right angles to the line-of-aim) or with the palm a little down and the back of it showing three knuckles to you, or with the palm facing the ground and the back showing four knuckles?

For a start, use the set that gives you the best clubhead feel.

Now grip the shaft with the fingers of the right hand so that the right palm mirrors the set of the clubface. When one is aiming in the right direction the other will be too.

Experiment to discover the grip and the set that gives both the best feel and the best results. There's no right or wrong about it, no rule that must be kept. What feels and works best is right.

But I think you will find that having the palm of the right hand - yes the right, not the left - reflecting exactly the set of the clubface will give good results whichever left-hand grip you choose.

One great thing about it is that you can check this before every stroke. It's the one item that you can certainly get right. And I urge you to make the checking of the set of the right hand a habit, so that you do it automatically without thinking.

The left-hand grip is probably best with the hand in its normal position, as it would be when hanging at your side. The right-hand grip, though, is usually best with the palm (or the back of the hand) parallel to the club-face, i.e., square when the clubface is square.

Just practice gripping the club in your best way until checking that the grip is right becomes automatic.

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