Also Of Note

The Soviet Union seems to be encouraging West European efforts to counter United States sanctions against a planned gas-export pipeline from Siberia.

Western business sources here have been leaking reports that Moscow is determined to ''go it alone,'' substituting locally made turbines for the US-design variety that was to have been supplied by various West European companies. While convinced the ''Soviet option'' is technically feasible, these sources say the local turbines are likely to be much less efficient than the machine President Reagan has moved to embargo.

Implying that Moscow has similar suspicions, a senior Soviet official recently told a supplier affected by the US move that he and fellow manufacturers of US-design equipment were still very much under obligation to find a way to provide the goods.

Some Western business sources suggest that British rancor over the Reagan administration embargo could prod Moscow to choose a more costly option rejected in initial pipeline negotiations: airplane-style turbines from Rolls-Royce.

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