3-way agenda for NAACP action

Three campaigns will highlight 1982-83 activities of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), executive director Benjamin L. Hooks told delegates to the civil rights group's 73rd national convention Wednesday.

The NAACP will focus on:

* Economic development: an effort to get the nation's private sector to involve black people as employees and put minority-owned businesses into the mainstream as vendors and contractors.

* Voter participation: a program announced concurrently with extension of the Voting Rights Act, designed to register at least 1 million blacks to vote in congressional elections next fall.

* Black institutional growth: strengthening and developing black-operated institutions, including churches, colleges, social service agencies, and fraternal and social organizations.

Wednesday's plenary program stressed economic development with a campaign to ''include blacks in every phase'' of the motion picture industry. Several black Hollywood actors and actresses told delegates of their struggle to get jobs in the film industry.

A special effort to ease racial tension in Boston through tours in ''hostile communities'' are part of the schedule today (July 1).

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