Network officials reply to the report

On TV and aggression:

''The evidence [linking TV violence and aggression among child viewers] is not overwhelming.'' -- NBC

''Ultimately violence on TV may give a thief . . . a new mousetrap, but I don't believe it will stimulate a noncriminal, nonviolent person to action.'' -- ABC

''There are five or six other good studies (showing televised violence does not cause aggression among children).'' -- CBS On children's programs:

''Are we supposed to be the third parent in the household?'' -- CBS

''We have as much on as the audience will support.'' -- NBC On TV, sterotypes, and society:

''We're in an entertainment media in which fantasy has a role . . . In the end, television is a very democratic process. The shows people like survive and the ones they don't go off the air.'' -- ABC

''We've been concerned about these same issues for a long time.'' -- NBC

''There's a great tendency to feel we (the networks) can do more than we feel we can.'' -- CBS.

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