A whale watch

A whale watch is when you go out to sea and look around for whales.

The whales have a green spot under their fin. When you make a lot of noise the whales come closer to the boat. Sometimes they even splash water on you by hitting their fin to the water. Another thing about the whales is that they like to play. They roll around on their bellies and their backs.

The boat was very tough because some waves crashed against the side and it sounded like when you slam a book to the ground. I like it because it's fun riding in the bow of the boat. It's almost like a roller coaster ride.

When the captain says twelve o'clock he means the front of the boat, six o'clock is the back of the boat, nine o'clock is the left of the boat, and three o'clock is the right of the boat. One thing you have to look out for is the front of the boat. When you try to walk in the front you can get off balance because the waves are rough (they can be around ten feet high).

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