Developing the proper wrist action

There are only two imperatives in a golfer's wrist action:

1. When the clubhand is going ''through'' the ball the left wrist should be in line with the forearm or even slightly bowed out. (The right wrist will be bent back slightly.)

2. During the moment of impact the back of the left hand should be so related to the set of the clubface that one hits the ball straight.

I suggest that you do some continuous swinging with a practice club - back and forth, back and forth - noticing the way your left wrist behaves.

If it doesn't seem to be acting naturally in the manner outlined above, do nothing to force it to do so. m Simply observe what it is doing.

It might be that your wrists throw the clubhead at the ball too early, long before the hands are above or in front of the ball. If so, just note that fact and continue swinging.

Stop for a minute or two. Then try deliberately to hit very, very early. Hit ridiculously early. Use a flick of the wrist when the hands are at hip height on the down-swing. Notice the feeling. Notice also just how ridiculous it is.

After this try to swing with no wrist action at all. Exaggerate this too. You may find that however hard you try you can't get a poor result from this ''zero wrist action'' feeling. If you can't, don't fret. Just note the fact.

Now put down some practice balls. Without trying to hit them straight, notice where you do hit them. See if you can feelm whether the clubface is open if you are hitting them right or closed if they're going left.

By this time I think you will probably be hitting the ball pretty straight anyway. If so just note the sensation. Feed it into the computer so that you can call on it at will.

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