How doth the little busy Congress

How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour!m For many years at parent's knee This poet's line was taught. Now Congress has revised the book And every bug is fraught With meanings that we have to learn By rule of thumb or wing. To wit, the ''yellow jackets'' yearn The deficit to sting. They are Republican and right, As are most ''honeybees,'' Who buzz for taxes that are flat But never outta sight. ''Boll weevils'' are an older breed, Still right but southern Dem. They seem to truly, truly need To make cuts from within. The ''gypsy moths'' are GOP But moderate as sin. They try to spare some of the tree, Unlike their namesake kin. The bug-gy ride may not be done. Tomorrow's swarm might boast The ''monarch butterfly,'' for one, Whose cry is ''let 'em eat toast,'' Or ''grasshoppers'' against the ''ant'' In classic fable style. Or maybe ''centipedes'' will pant To budget foot by foot And stop this inching forth and back On both sides of the aisle!

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