Oriental, Indian culinary tours

There are two exciting cooking school trips offered this summer for those interested in Oriental and Indian cooking.

The first includes two well-known schools in the Orient--the Ecole Technique Hoteliere Tsuji in Osaka and the Modern Housewife Cooking School in Bangkok. There will be four hours of instruction in the morning, with afternoons free for sightseeing and shopping.

In Osaka, classes will be taught by Chief Professor Hata, the person responsible for recipes in Shizuo Tsuji's ''Japanese Cooking--A Simple Art.''

In Bangkok, Mr. Polsri Khachacheeva, a TV chef and cookbook author, will take students on a market tour in addition to his classes. A lunch will follow all the classes. Accomodations will be at the Imperial in Tokyo, the Royal in Osaka, and the Oriental in Bangkok.

The trip will run from July 30 to August 14. For more information, write to Asian Attic, Inc., 8 Briarwood Terrace, Albany, New York 12203, or call (518) 456-4803. Space is limited.

Northern India is the locale of the second tour--a two week course offered by Julie Sahni, author of ''Classic Indian Cooking,'' and owner-operator of the Indian Cooking School in New York City.

The course will combine the land, its history and culture, as well as its cuisine. The tour leaves for Delhi October 1, where they will sample Moghul cooking, then go on to the Taj Mahal at Agra and to sample the cuisine of the city, including dishes with edible silver once served to the Marharajas.

Write to Helen Studley, Spice Tour of India, Personalized Travel Planning, 712 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10019, or call (212) 265-3430.

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