Guatemala offers amnesty to leftist guerrillas

Guatemala's military junta has decreed a month-long amnesty for leftist guerrillas battling the government. The guerrillas may surrender to military authorities from May 31 through the end of June.

After turning in their weapons and promising to end insurgent activity, the guerrillas will be absolved of any responsibility for past criminal violations, the decree said.

There was no immediate reaction to the amnesty offer from the insurgents, whose four main groups joined forces in February.

The amnesty also covers any government troops and policemen committing crimes in ''antisubversive operations,'' the statement said.

It did not specify whether the security-force violators would be required to make any pledge to be exonerated for past transgressions.

The inclusion of security forces under the amnesty constituted the first official suggestion that troops and police had committed crimes in their activities.

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