The story of my islands

I come from the Philippine Islands. I left my country when I was eight. My house was little. My father worked as a dentist. My father worked at home. I lived near a lake called Sanpalok Lake. In Sanpalok Lake there is a police station. The name of my city is San Palbo City. My house was near a bank called Metro Bank. My mom sometimes went to the bank and then to the supermarket. In the supermarket different people sell different things just in one supermarket. I have an aunt who lived near us. She is a caterer. She sometimes goes back and forth to San Francisco to visit us and my relatives.

I went to a school called Chung Hua. In the morning I had a teacher named Miss Cabela. She taught us different subjects. In the afternoon I had another teacher who was Chinese. She taught us songs in Chinese and also taught us how to read and write.

In Chung Hua School I learned to play a musical instrument called the banduria. The music teacher taught us our national anthem.

I hope to get back to my country someday.

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