Scrub ceramic tile thoroughly before covering with paint

Q. Is there a paint available to cover the ceramic tile in my bathroom?

Lula T. Gardner White Marsh, Mont. A. Indeed, ceramic tile can be successfully painted with a catalized two-component epoxy over a recommended primer.

The greatest cause of failure in painting over ceramic tile is lack of preparation. Therefore, scrub the tile thoroughly with a fairly strong detergent , such as tri-sodium phosphate.

Give particular attention to the grout between the tile. Go to a tile shop or commercial janitorial supply firm and buy an acid which is especially made for cleaning grout. Be sure to follow the label directions carefully.

Allow the cleaned surface to dry thoroughly. Then apply the primer and catalized epoxy. If you follow the directions, you should have good results.

Care for another idea about covering ceramic tile?

Apply a wallpaper covering over the tile surface instead of paint. A canvas-backed vinyl is one recommendation. Use a product, such as Right Arm, or its equivalent, immediately under the wall covering. Follow the label directions to a ''T.''

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