Scotland helps boost U.K. exports

Scotland is continuing to play a significant role in Britain's current drive to increase exports to the West and the third world.

Scottish mines exported 250,000 tons of coal to Scandinavia in 1981, and the nationalized National Coal Board has become second among North Sea oil companies in supplying fuel to Western Europe.

With an eye to attracting many new overseas visitors and industrial investment, Glasgow has earmarked (STR)30 million ($54 million), including government subsidies, for the construction of a major exhibition center in the city's dockland area.

And Scotland continues to draw world attention to farming research with courses at Edinburgh and institutional agricultural units fairly near the Scottish capital. A recent course organized by the British Council brought visitors from more than 20 countries, including the Americas, Far East, Europe, and the Eastern European bloc.

The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society's fair near Edinburgh in June is also bringing a steady flow of foreign visitors, some of them Canadian farmers interested in Scotland's sturdy cattle and famous breeds.

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