Haig in Athens, Luxembourg

Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. arrived here for Monday's regular spring meeting of NATO foreign ministers. Mr. Haig is making the final stop on a six-day trip that included visits to Greece and Turkey.

In Athens, before departing for Luxembourg, Mr. Haig said he reached a consensus with Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou on the question of US military bases in Greece.

''We did not seek to make decisions, but I think we arrived at a consensus of view on how to deal with this issue in the period ahead,'' Haig said. He declined to say whether a date was set for the beginning of negotiations on the status and operation of the bases--two in Athens and two on Crete--which were suspended last June by the then conservative government.

Mr. Papandreou's Socialist government came to power with an electoral pledge to close down the bases and take Greece out of NATO, but the prime minister since has softened his stand. In return for the use of the bases, Greece wants modern weapons, including a surveillance system to monitor planes entering its airspace in the Aegean Sea.

It also wants a US defense commitment guaranteeing the eastern Greek border from outside attack--an oblique reference to Turkey, with whom Greece is at odds over territorial rights and airspace control in the Aegean. Mr. Haig held earlier talks with Turkish President Constantine Caramanlis.

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