An 'eat and run' kitchen alcove

''Eat and run'' or ''lunch for one'' are two ways Philadelphia designer Rita Eisenberg could describe the tidy little dining alcove she wrested from a long, narrow kitchen that seemed not to have an inch of space to spare.

She literally borrowed the high windowsill, extending it with a 20-inch-wide cantilevered shelf. Then she had both the sill and the shelf sealed and faced with glazed Italian ceramic tile. The tile is impervious to spills and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The same is true of the tough Naugahyde leather cushion cover on the tall chrome and clear acrylic stool.

The see-through Lucite and the high shine of the white metal take away any sense of bulk from the stylish stool. This is a plus factor in a compact nook. Kitchen carpet is a soft cranberry red, which complements an overall color scheme of mauve and beige.

Mrs. Eisenberg banked the windowsill with plants of various shapes and sizes and framed the outside view with trailing ivy. Just outside the window she hung a bird feeder so the family can also watch the birds.

She had a wall telephone installed on the left wall, and added a memo pad and ceramic jar of pencils so the alcove could also be used as a kitchen desk area, handy for writing notes and placing telephone orders.

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