Kickers and the good life

Arkansas football coach, Lou Holtz, on how placekickers lead the life of Riley: ''There can't be anything easier. After calisthenics the majority of their hard work is over.'' Golf small talk

Golfing great Ben Hogan wasn't as tight-lipped as some thought judging from an old Sam Snead story. Rejecting the notion that Hogan never talked during a round, Snead once said, ''He talks to me all the time. He says, 'You're away, Sam.' '' Teeny-bopper tennis

Tennis veteran Rosemary Casals on playing in youth-laden women's pro tournaments: ''I don't know anybody anymore. I look around the place, and here are all these kids who should be in school. This is supposed to be women's tennis, but it isn't women's tennis anymore--it's kids' tennis. And in a lot of ways, it's kind of sad.'' You don't stop Dantley

Asked how many points basketball's Dallas Mavericks would allow Utah's high-scoring Adrian Dantley, assistant coach Bob Weiss replied: ''We don't allow him any, but he gets a lot anyway.''

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