When Arabs make up

It had to happen eventually. Egypt is edging back into the good graces of the Arab world after its virtual ostracism over the Camp David accords. The latest signs came during last week's meeting of foreign ministers from the nonaligned nations in Kuwait - the first major conference in an Arab land attended by Egypt since making peace with Israel.

In the midst of support for the PLO and condemnations of Israel the delegates at least bowed slightly toward Egypt by selectively criticizing the Camp David accords instead of denouncing them. Also, instead of specific references to the Western peacekeeping force in the Sinai, the conference expressed concern about ''foreign forces'' on or near nonaligned territories--which could be taken to include Cubans in Africa or Soviets in Afghanistan.

Not major breakthroughs exactly. But hints of moderation that could be built on to begin enlarging the borders of peace in a riven region.

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